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  • Total Power Batteries April 22, 2015

    Now Available at Performance Bodies

    Originally created to power the F-117 Stealth, B-2 Bomber and many others, this is not your ordinary battery. All Total Power batteries are hand made to rigorous military standards. Total Power Racing Batteries are your best choice for today's race cars because they provide superior vibration and shock resistance, flawless performance in all environments, a non-spillable / maintenance free design, AGM construction, capable of being mounted in virtually any position and deliver up to a whopping 1500 cranking amps from a lightweight battery you can count on. Custom battery boxes adapter brackets to meet your installation needs are also available.

    • All batteries are hand made in ISO 9001:2000 Certified facilities.
    • Non-Spillable / Maintenance Free Design. The case will not leak if damaged. Mounts in virtually any position.
    • Exceptionally low internal resistance that generates greater starting power and allows for faster recharging time.
    • 20% lighter than comparable "light-weight" batteries of equal power.
    • Superior shock and vibration resistance due to AGM construction.
    • Inter-cell connectors are twice the normal size to prevent unwanted failures.
    • Every TOTAL POWER Racing Battery is fully charged and tested prior to shipment.

  • Longacre Data Logging 'Stepper Motor' Tach February 24, 2015

    Data Logging 'Stepper Motor' Tachs
    The next generation in instrumentation

    What is this?
    This tach is a huge step beyond basic memory tachs that simply record the highest RPM. It records the RPM 10 times/second, all the way around the track, to be played back for you in the pits. See all the highs, the lows, and everything in between for multiple laps, the entire race if you want. You can see what the RPM was at any point on the track - the middle of the corner, the exit, halfway down the back straight, etc. See if you lost traction (RPM spikes slightly) or if the motor was falling off at high RPM (rate of climb slows). And when you just need a traditional Memory Tach it does that too. Stepper Motor design gives you precision accuracy and reliable performance week after week. This Data Logging Tach is like a movie rather than just a snapshot by a traditional Memory Tach.

    • Records RPM all around the track - Replay in the pits
    • Records & stores up to a full hour, in multiple session
    • Easy playback at real time speed, 1/3 speed (to spot rapid changes in RPM), or double speed (to watch a full lap quickly)
    • You can even pause and back up to see something over again
    • In replay mode the digital timer lets you track when & where the RPM was recorded on the track
    • This tach is compact and lightweight
    • Numbers are LED back lighted & the pointer is illuminated
    • Digital display shows max RPM
    • Will work on most non-magneto ignition systems - 4, 6, or 8 cylinder
    • Easy to use and recall
    • Tach does a "presentation" self test at turn-on - It goes through a full pointer sweep and turns on all LEDs

    Additional Handy Functions

    • 2 stage High RPM warning light helps prevent overreving expensive motors. Set one just above normal max RPM, the second at the redline. Can also be used as a 2 stage shift light.
    • 6 LEDs on the left side can be set to indicate pit road speed limit. Set at the RPM you want. The first one comes on 500 RPM lower, the second at 400 RPM lower, etc. - until all 6 are on. This gives you more of a warning than just 1 or 2 set points. This can also be used as a sequential shift light.

  • Longacre SMI Stepper Motor Racing Gauges and Tachs February 20, 2015

    The next generation in instrumentation

    SMi™ Stepper motor gauges use a small electronic motor that only turns a tiny fraction of a rotation to drive the pointer. It is electronically controlled and is much more precise than the traditional mechanical instruments whose accuracy can be affected by many factors. Many professional race teams - NASCAR™, etc. – are switching to this style of gauge for the improved accuracy (see the in-car cameras). Approved for use by IMCA™.

    Built-in Warning Lights – Ultra Bright 2 Stage LED

    2 set points are easily adjusted to your needs (critical oil pressure has 3 set points). For example set water temp for just above normal running temp (if you run 215° set it at 230°). Above that the LED comes on to let you know the motor is starting to get warm. Set the second one at the max temp your engine can tolerate (say 250°). At this point the LED flashes to attract your attention, possibly saving motor damage.

    Since oil pressure is so critical it has 3 set points.

    You can set the first just below normal running pressure (say normal is 60 psi – set it at 50 psi – no damage there). At this point the LED comes on. Set the second at 35 psi. The LED flashes – you need to know here, possible damage. Set the third at 20 psi. Engine damage is likely here. At this third set point the LED continues to flash PLUS the gauge backlight starts to flash. It’s hard to miss this – day or night. It allows you to get the engine shut down before it blows up, saving you $$.

    The Gauges

    • 2 Gauge panel with OP0–100 psi and WT 100°-280°

    • Gauges are 2-5/8”and have a molded polycarbonate / ABS case (virtually unbreakable)

    • An electronic sensor (incl.) is installed on the motor to drive the gauge - no oil or fuel in the driver’s compartment for safety.

    • Thru-the-dial LED backlights and an illuminated pointer make these easy to read at any speed

    • "Presentation” at turn-on - Gauges go through a self-test. Pointers swing full scale and all LEDs come on

    • Can be used with 12 &16 Volt negative ground systems

    The Tach

    • Maximum RPM recall - Just push the Recall button

    • High RPM Warning light - 2 stage - First warning can be set for just over your normal maximum RPM, the second stage at the redline. You get a warning of too many revs before you blow an engine. Can also be used as a 2 stage shift light.

    • LED back light - Back light shows through the dial face PLUS the pointer is LED illuminated to make this the easiest tach to read - and super sharp looking too

    • Stepper motor precision tach at an affordable price

    Composite Panels

    • Great looking Composite Panels - Lightweight molded ABS with a carbon fiber pattern pre-wired and ready for installation


    LON44467 (shown above)

    Click here to go to the Longacre SMI Gauge page on our website.

  • Quick-Change Rear Ends February 19, 2015

    Quick-Change Rear Ends NOW Available at Performance Bodies

    Performance Bodies has recently added several Quick-Change Rear Ends, now approved for the IMCA Modified division for 2015.

    Winters Quick-Change Rear Ends:

    Equipped with aluminum center section with steel tubes. Includes pinion nose roller bearing, aluminum pinion posi-lock assembly, lightweight 6-rib bell with inspection plug, sprint center, and aluminum spool. It is 60” wide with no offset and an aluminum spool.

    WIN5063-MOD             60”Aluminum 4.86 Quick-Change Rear End                $1,399.99

    WIN5063-MOD4.12      60” Aluminum 4.12 Quick-Change Rear End               $1,420.99

    Bulldog Quick-Change Rear Ends:

    • Non-coated 100% magnesium rear

    • O-ring rear cover with heavy-duty bearings

    • Magnetic drain plug

    • Front seal plate

    • Inspection plug and fill level plug

    • Breather assembly

    • Correct length center hardware

    • Bell to tube hardware

    • -10 AN fitting for fill can

    • 5 qt. BullDog Blood Gear oil

    • Precision ground heat treated lower shaft

    • Aluminum spool

    BULIMCA4.86T Saturday Night Special Quick-Change Rear End 4.86          $1,449.99

    BULIMCA4.12T  Saturday Night Special Quick-Change Rear End4.12          $1,449.99


    THIS PRODUCT MUST SHIP VIA TRUCK FREIGHT. Therefore, to provide you with the BEST possible shipping quote to your destination, it’s NOT AVAILABLE FOR ON-LINE ORDERS! To order, please call 1-800-722-4641.

  • Strange Oval - KERA Axles and Drive Flange February 19, 2015

    Strange Oval – KERA Axles

    While left and right side axles are different lengths they are normally the same diameter; this inherently gives the right side axle a lower spring rate. This means the left side axle does not “wrap-up” as much as the right side and the car has a tendency to steer right on initial acceleration because the left rear tire sees the power first. By using a smaller diameter left hand axle with the “KERA concept” you can equalize this torque steer reaction both under acceleration or deceleration.

    This Equal-Response-Reaction can be further used to specifically tune the chassis to turn left by reducing the left side axle diameter further from the standard KERA diameter split between the left and right side axles. In effect, the Kleban Equal Response Axles (KERA) can be used as a precise tuning device like that of tire stagger without having any effect on existing cross weight, spring rates, anti-roll bar, ride height or tire pressure.

    Strange Oval – Drive Flange

    This Strange Oval drive plate ADW500 consists of an all-aluminum housing with a pressed in steel splined insert and steel sleeved lug mount holes, this drive plate is specifically for the 5-Lug, WIDE-5 hub applications. Used in conjunction with Strange Oval axles, the spline tolerances between the axle splines and drive plate splines, is usually tighter and more uniform. These “closely mated” tolerances will provide better spline life of both the axles and drive plates.

  • Brinn Predator Transmission February 19, 2015

    Brinn Predator Transmission

    • Revolutionary new patented design

    • Lowest rotating weight ofany transmission on the market today

    • Lightweight internal clutch eliminates the need for any external clutch assembly

    • Direct replacement for Muncie or Borg Warner transmissions

    • Gun-drilled input and output shafts for weight reduction

    • No plastic parts or chains to fix or replace

    • Reverse utilizes existing gear train. No internal chains or belts

    • Light weight at only 45 lbs.

    • SAE 10 tooth input shaft spline

    • Six-inch long, 27-tooth output shaft spline will accept any length yoke

    • Low gear ratio: 2.68.1

    • Reverse gear ratio: 1.78.1

    • Minimal maintenance required

    Click here to go directly to the BRINN Predator product on our web site.

  • Falcon Aluminum Transmission - Roller Slide February 19, 2015

    Falcon Aluminum Transmission– Roller Slide – 1-Piece 10 Spline

    The Falcon Roller Slide Transmission telescopes 5 ½” at the rear yoke allowing your driveline and suspension the freedom to move forward and rearward without inducing or limiting roll steer. The roller slide has all the advantages of more driveline travel and less maintenance, while being durable enough to handle the tough environment of todays racing. As with all Falcon Transmissions, the rollerslide provides two speeds forward, reverse, and an integral hydraulic applied clutch, which operates low and reverse. High gear is a direct drive 1 to 1ratio. A floating input shaft contributes to the most positive high gear retention in the industry. Well-lubricated, frictionless bearings support all rotating components, especially the rear sliding shaft assembly, for superior durability.

    Click here to go directly to the Falcon Transmission product on our web site.

  • MD3 Late Model Headlight Graphic Kits February 18, 2015

    New MD3 Late Model Headlight Graphic Kits 

    Continuous Improvement!! That’s the ‘name of the game’ at Performance Bodies. Whether it’s customer service, shipping, inventory, value or product quality, we are always Raising the Bar to provide our customers with the BEST product and service available today.

    We’re proud to introduce our NEWLY designed MD3 Late Model Nose Headlight Graphic Kits. We’ve worked hard to create headlight graphics that appear realistic and are the best looking in the racing industry.  We’ve recently completely redesigned the following car models:

    • Camaro (Model # PER0DM103)

    • Mustang (Model #PER0DM133)

    • Impala SS (Model #PER0DM803)

    • Monte Carlo (Model #PER0DM203)

    In addition, all the remaining Headlight Kits have been enhanced and resized for better fit and function on MD3 Late Model Noses for both the NEW EVOLUTION and Gen 2 products.

    • Camry (Model # PER0DM163)

    • Challenger (Model #PER0DM123)

    • Chevy SS (Model #PER0DM153)

    • Corvette (Model #PER0DM113)

    • Fusion (Model # PER0DM143)

    • GTO (Model # PER0DM303)

    As always, these graphic decal packages are printed on heavy-duty vinyl with aggressive adhesive, clear coated for extra protection, and guaranteed to last the life of the nose. They retail for $29.95 and can be ordered by calling 1-800-722-4641 or on-line 24 hours a day on our web site, Watch for more new and exciting headlight packages coming soon.


  • MD3 Evolution Nosepiece February 05, 2015

    Performance Bodies announces the availability of the long awaited new MD3 EVOLUTION Dirt Late Model aftermarket nosepiece.        

    Product can now be purchased from Performance Bodies and their network of dealers. The nose piece is available in six colors. The retail price for the 2-piece nose only is $124.99 for black or white, or $129.99 for red, chevron blue, yellow or orange. The DELUXE Nose Combo, which includes the 2-piece nose, 2 side-force fenders, and your choice of newly updated headlight graphics retails for $249.99 (black or white) and $259.99 for colors.

    This new Evolution nosepiece was wind tunnel engineered and tested for maximum performance. Other features include:

    Improved front downforce and side force

    Enhanced splitter for increased handling in traffic

    Improved fit and function

    No return on bottom of nose for easier mounting of Aero Valance (not included)

    The most durable plastic in the industry. Tough enough to withstand the most extreme conditions

    Super light weight without sacrificing strength

    Meets current rules package

     “We’re excited about this new Maximum Downforce Evolution nose,” said President of Performance Bodies Scott Braun.“The nosepiece has generated a lot of excitement in the racing industry and the drivers can’t wait to experience the improved handling and performance it has to offer. It has recently been track tested with overwhelmingly positive results.”

    The MD3 Evolution product mix includes the 2-piece nose and left/right side fenders. Additional products include:

    -MD3 Aero Valance:

    Longer left side piece increases flexibility in nose/fender mounting locations and maximizes performance by creating even more downforce

    Mounts to inside of the nose

    Extends 3” below nose

    4-piece design with left and right sides sold separately for easy replacement

    Available in 10 colors (white, black, red, yellow, orange, chevron blue, bright yellow, bright red, bright orange, and lime green)

    Retails for $35.00 (for each side)


    -MD3 Lower Nose Supports

    New supports are now thicker for even more support

    Measures 35” x 8 ¼” .350 thickness

    Retail price $29.99


    -MD3 Deluxe Nose Graphic Kits

    The BEST headlight kits in the industry

    Printed on heavy-duty vinyl, clear coated for extra protection, and backed with aggressive adhesive

    Completely redesigned for better fit on the Evolution Nose

    The Camaro, Mustang, and Impala have been completely redesign to match the latest car model

    Guaranteed to last the life of the nose


    To order your MD3 Evolution product, call Performance Bodies at 800-722-4641 or go to our web site at