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Whats New

  • AFCO Brake Pads July 15, 2014

    New AFCO Brake Pads

    Performance Bodies is excited to announce the launch of the new AFCO Brake Pad Compounds. Targeted at dirt and asphalt late models, modifiers, stock cars, and sprint cars, these brake pad combinations are available for GM metric calipers, F88 calipers and F22 calipers.

    The new brake pads give the racer the ability to have different compounds for the front, rear, left side and right side of the car, custom tuning how the car stops. They feature a tremendous amount of brake grip with less rotor wear and less fade due to heat.

    AFCO's new brake pads have been tested and validated over the past year by many top racers in the field. These new brake pad bad compounds will add unmatched benefits to your race program.

    Features & Benefits
    • Improved stopping power at higher temperatures to reduce brake fade.
    • Improved stopping power with less rotor wear.
    • Made one pad at a time to improve consistency.
    • Three compounds to choose from to custom tailor the handling of the car.

    Part Numbers

    • GM Metric Pads 
    - 6653002 - SR32 Compound
    - 6653012 - SR33 Compound
    - 6653022 - SR34 Compound

    • F22 Pads 
    - 6652002 - SR30 Compound
    - 6652012 - SR33 Compound
    - 6652022 - SR34 Compound

    • F88 Pads
    - 6651002 - SR30 Compound
    - 6651012 - SR33 Compound
    - 6651022 - SR34 Compound

  • Bell Dominator.2 Racing Helmet May 15, 2014

    Performance Bodies Adds the Dominator.2 Bell Racing Helmet

    The legendary Dominator is the most innovative, popular and successful open wheel helmet that Bell has ever produced. 

    • Built-in Aero Gurneys
    • Lightweight Carbon Composite Shell Technology
    • Redesigned Interior with Firm Nock Collar Support
    • New Rubber Visor Eyeport Seal
    • Full Ventilation (Chin Bar, Forehead, Top Vents)
    • Recessed Face Piece for Seamless Radio Integration
    • E-max Multi-density Liner
    • M6 Terminal Hardware for Head & Neck Restraint Devices
    • 287/3mm SRV Shield (SRV-1 Pivot System)
    • Available in White or Rubberized Matte Black
    • Snell SAH2010 Certification
    • Available in Size 7 3/8, 7 1/2, and 7 3/4