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  • MD3 Evolution 2 Late Model Nose November 29, 2017


    MD3 Evolution 2 Nose 


    Performance Bodies announces the availability of the long awaited new MD3 EVOLUTION 2 Dirt Late Model aftermarket nosepiece. Product can now be purchased from Performance Bodies and their network of dealers. The 9-Piece Deluxe Combo Kit includes: 2-piece nose, right fender, right lower fender, left fender, left lower fender, 2-piece valance and deluxe headlight graphic kit. This COMPLETE kit retails for $379.00 and is available in white, black, red, yellow, orange and chevron blue. This new Evolution 2 nosepiece was engineered to allow EXACT ground height adjustments. Other features include:


    • Adjustable and replaceable LOWER FENDERS have a tapered valance built in and are thicker for improved durability.

    • RIGHT FENDER has more clearance for tire travel to allow for lower mounting height.

    • LEFT FENDER is raised for maximum downforce.

    • Redesigned NOSE for better fit and function.

    • LOWER VALANCE is tapered and thicker plastic for improved durability.

    • The most durable plastic in the industry. Tough enough to withstand the most extreme conditions.

    • Meets current rules package


     “We’re excited about this new MD3 Evolution 2 Nose,” said President of Performance Bodies Scott Braun. “This nosepiece has generated a lot of excitement in the racing industry and the drivers can’t wait to experience the adjustability it offers. They’re also excited about the additional strength built into the lower fenders and valance. Another big bonus of this nose is the replaceable lower fenders which will save the racer both time and money instead of having to replace the entire 1-piece fender.”


    The MD3 Evolution 2 product mix can be ordered individually as well:


    MD3 Evolution 2 Nose Kit (without graphics): 

    • Includes 2-piece nose, upper fenders, lower fenders, and valance

    • Available in 6 colors (white, black, red, yellow, orange, chevron blue)

    • Retails for $359.00


    MD3 Evolution 2 Nose ONLY

    • 2-piece nose only

    • Available in 6 colors (white, black, red, yellow, orange, chevron blue)

    • Retail price $134.00


    MD3 Evolution 2 Upper Fenders

    • Right fender has more clearance for tire travel to allow for lower mounting height.

    • Left fender is raised for maximum downforce.

    • Sold separately

    • Available in 6 colors (white, black, red, yellow, orange, chevron blue)

    • Retail price $62.00 each


    MD3 Evolution 2 Lower Fenders

    • Lower fenders have a tapered valance built-in and are thicker for improved durability.

    • Replaceable which saves the racer time and money verses replacing the entire fender.

    • Sold separately

    • Available in 6 colors (white, black, red, yellow, orange, chevron blue)

    • Retail price $26.00


    MD3 Evolution 2 Valance Kit

    • 2-piece lower valance is tapered and thicker plastic for improved durability.

    • Available in 6 colors (white, black, red, yellow, orange, chevron blue)

    • Retail price $49.00


    MD3 Deluxe Nose Graphic Kits

    • The BEST headlight kits in the industry

    • Printed on heavy-duty vinyl, clear coated for extra protection, and backed with aggressive adhesive

    • Guaranteed to last the life of the nose

    • Retail price $29.95



  • MD3 Cockpit Deflector July 21, 2017

    All New Cockpit Deflector From MD3

    The MD3 Cockpit Deflector  is constructed out of ultra-durable high-impact molded plastic, providing a lightweight, yet clean, professional look to any dirt late model or modified driver cockpit. The easy-to-install deflectors also have an extension add-on made of clear or smoked polycarbonate which extends deflector height with minimal visual obstruction. They’re available in black, white, blue, red and yellow!

    Retail Prices:

    Defector - $59.99

    Extension - $36.00

    Click HERE to order


  • Jones Racing Products June 06, 2017



    Performance Bodies has made a commitment to our customers to provide high-quality racecar parts at an affordable price. Our team of purchasing experts is constantly searching the industry to provide you with new product options. We’re excited to announce the addition of a new line of quality products to our HUGE assortment of race parts that we inventory.

    JONES RACING PRODUCTS is the newest member of our racing family. They are the leading manufacturer of belt drive systems and related components for over 35 years. The Jones line consists of billet aluminum products made with the most advanced CNC machinery. Jones manufactures all products in their Pennsylvania facility from start to finish. Having total control over the entire process, from the sawing of the raw bar stock, all the way through the final steps of the laser marking to indicate part numbers and serial numbers.

    Performance Bodies now has the following Jones Racing Products stocked in our warehouse and are available to ship out TODAY!

    Ford Serpentine Kits                                      • Crate Serpentine Belt Drive Pulley Kit

    • Telescoping Fuel Logs                                   • Pulley Belt Guides

    • Pulleys                                                            • Micron Stainless Fuel Filter

    • Cog Drive Alternator Kit                               • SBC/BBC Snout SWP Serpentine Drives

    • SBC Serpentine Kit                                        • 3-Blade Hustler Fans

    • Water Pump Drive Kit                                    • Power Steering Pump Kit

    • Power Steering Fluid                                      • Fan Spacer Kits

    • Crate Serpentine Kit                                       • Alternator Belts

    • Serpentine Belts                                            


    Jones Racing Products can be ordered by calling 1-800-722-4641 or on-line 24 hours a day on our web site, www.performancebodies.com. Watch for more exciting products offered by Performance Bodies.

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