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AFCO Brake Ford/GM Hybrid Rotors


The Hybrid rotor combines the strength of a 1975-81 Ford Pinto style hub with the lighter design of the Metric brake rotor for an unbeatable light weight and durable package.

This rotor will improve the front to rear weight bias, and wheel control.

SAFELY removes up to 13 POUNDS from the front of your car!


Hybrid Rotors - Available with 4" or 4.5" Studs

• Reduces rotating weight

• 5 x 5 – 5/8” coarse studs installed

• 10.13” Diameter, .813” thick

• Races installed

• Pre-drilled for 5 x 4 ¾”

• Fits Pinto spindles

• Weighs 14.6 Lbs.



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AFCO Brake Ford/GM Hybrid Rotors
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