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Bassett 3-Tab Wheels (15"x8")


Bassett Standard IMCA Wheels - (15" x 8")


Available in 5 x 5 ONLY

Weighs 21 lbs.

IMCA Certified

Comes in Black ONLY


 Wheels are designed with 3 tabs welded on wheel to fit basset covers. Tabs will be threaded and ready for 1/4 body bolt so you will not need to use a retro fit bolt kit.



BAS 58D52IRING - Black D-HOLE 3-Tab Wheel - 2"

BAS 58D53IRING - Black D-HOLE 3-Tab Wheel - 3"


BAS 58A52IRING - Black Inertia Adv. 3-Tab Wheel - 2"

BAS 58A3IRING - Black Inertia Adv. 3-Tab Wheel - 3"


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Bassett Racing Wheels
Bassett 3-Tab Wheels (15"x8")
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