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Bilstein AK Series Stock Mount Shocks - (Front)


Bilstein AK Series Stock Mount Shocks - (Front)


Now you can get Bilstein shock technology for your street stock race car.

These street stock shocks are also mono-tube gas pressure shocks.

Bilstein shocks will not fade like ordinary twin tube shocks.



GM Full Size and Mid-Size Chevelle, Monte Carlo, Cutlass Grand Prix, Regal, Skylark:

BIL AK1043   Front   358/219-Linear          13.48" Extended 8.60" Collapsed

BIL AK1051     Front     393/172-Linear            11.93" Extended   7.95" Collapsed

BIL AK3050F   Front     131/206-Digressive    13.48" Extended   8.60" Collapsed

BIL AK3060F   Front     110/233-Digressive    13.48" Extended   8.60" Collapsed

BIL AK4040F   Front     197/154-Digressive    13.48" Extended   8.60" Collapsed

BIL AK5555F   Front     254/190-Digressive    13.48" Extended   8.60" Collapsed


70-81 Camaro and Firebird:

BIL AK1053     Front     565/164-Linear             14.11" Extended  9.21" Collapsed

BIL AK2072     Front     381/233-Linear             14.02" Extended  8.92" Collapsed



BIL AK1199     Front     224/122-Linear             21.28" Extended   15.94" Collapsed



AK1051 is a softer shock than AK1043

AK1199 is a strut style shock


**Street Stock Shocks are rated at 20.62" Per second**





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Bilstein AK Series Stock Mount Shocks - (Front)
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