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Falcon Aluminum Transmission


Falcon Aluminum Transmission Includes:

           WIN62348-18 Crank Coupler, WIN62901 Input Shaft & WIN 62407 Collar


• REM finish internal gears

• Two forward (2.4-1 first, 1-1 high) and one reverse gear

• An internal hydraulic applied clutch operates both low & reverse gears

• High gear is a direct drive 1:1 ratio

• Requires hydraulic clutch pedal

• Measures 22” from bellhousing flange to end of output shaft

• Same length and output spline as Muncie, Saginaw, & Borg-Warner

• Uses Type-F Tranny Fluid or Bert Blue Magic – NO MOTOR OIL or GEAR LUBE

• Change fluid every 6-8 races

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Falcon Aluminum Transmission
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