Joe's Throttle Components


Joe's Throttle Pedal Only

• Pedal design with comfort and adjustability in mind

• Linkage block acts as a side rest for your foot and can be adjusted to match the best combination for you linkage

• Complete with a return spring and two adjustable stops, one for full throttle and one for return location


Joe's Billet Threaded Heel Stop

• Threaded billet heel stop has the addition of a threaded end which gives you the ability to mount your throttle or brake pedal to your preferred spot

• Lightweight heel stop mounts quick and easy to your floor pan with just four rivets

• Ridged top design provides maximum comfort and grip for your foot, no matter the position

• Threaded end has a 3/8" -24 thread


**Sold individually**

**Pedals not included**

Joe's Throttle Pull Back

• Throttle pedal assembly pull back bracket mounts to the pedal so the driver can pull the throttle back in case of a stuck throttle


**Throttle Pedal Assembly sold separately**

Joe's Throttle Bell Crank Assembly 

• Clamp-On arms with multiple holes to adjust your linkage for a perfect feel

• Shaft and bushings are a close fit for smooth operation

• Welding is required to align the plate on the bell crank to your firewall

• Updated with splines to prevent slipping







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