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Jones 3-Blade Hustler Fan w/Bolt on Blades


Jones 3-Blade Hustler Fans w/Bolt on Blades 

  • Billet Hub with Zytel® Blades
  • High-Pitch curvilinear blade to maximize CFM
  • Made in the USA


Hustler Fans by Jones Racing Products, Inc. are engineered to meet the demands of race applications. The Hustler Fans’ three blade technology offers a more balanced rotation while keeping the engine cool.  The ultra-lightweight pocketed design of the billet aluminum center mounting hub is paired to three durable, replaceable blades that are designed to produce extreme air movement thru the radiator while keeping the overall moment of inertia at a minimum.


The ability to replace worn blades or change the overall diameter is easily done with just three small aircraft quality bolts per blade adding to the overall strength and durability of the design. 



WP-9104-15-H3RF - 3-Blade 15" Hustler Fan - 1.15 Lbs.


WP-9104-17-H3RF - 3-Blade 17" Hustler Fan - 1.22 Lbs.


WP-9104-18-H3RF - 3-Blade 18" Hustler Fan - 1.26 Lbs.


WP-9104-19-HRF3 - 3-Blade 19" Hustler Fan - 1.33 Lbs.


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Jones 3-Blade Hustler Fan w/Bolt on Blades
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