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Jones Crate V-Belt Water Pump & Power Steering Kit


Jones SBC 602/604 Crate Engine V-Belt Drive System


- Complete with Aluminum Short Water Pump, Power Steering Pump with Buit-In Aluminum Tank & Bracket, V-Belt Pulleys, Belts, Mounting Hardware and Spare Belts

- Billet aluminum Deep Grip V-Belt pulleys with black hardcoat finish to help with wear resistance maximizing performance

- The Deep Grip V-Belt Pulley design allows Jones pulleys to properly seat the belt even at high race RPM's maximizing belt contact for traction, reducing the risk of belt unseating

- Aluminum Power Steering Pump with integrated 18 oz. Aluminum Tank and 6" V-Belt Pulley

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Jones Crate V-Belt Water Pump & Power Steering Kit
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