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MD3 - Evolution 2 Nose Combos - GTO


MD3 Evolution Deluxe Package includes: MD3 Evolution 2 Nose, MD3 Evolution 2 Upper Fenders, MD3 Evolution 2 Lower Fenders, MD3 Evolution 2 Lower Valance Kit & Deluxe Graphics Package.
• Includes 2-piece upper and lower fenders, allows for exact ground height adjustment.
• Right fender has more clearance for tire travel to allow for lower mounting height.
• Left fender raised for maximum downforce.
• Adjustable and replaceable lower fenders have a tapered valance built in and are thicker for improved durability.
• Lower valance is tapered and thicker plastic for improved durability.
• Unsurpassed impact resistance and durability
• Meets current rule packages

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Maximum Downforce MD3
MD3 - Evolution 2 Nose Combos - GTO
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