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Modified Quick Rescue Roof


The Quick Rescue Roof (QRR) is designed to get a driver out of a dangerous situation QUICK! This roof was built to save precious minutes during an emergency. The QRR simplifies the job of removing the roof panel so the rescue crew can focus on identifying the injury, stabilizing the driver, and extracting them much quicker than in a car with a conventional roof.


52" Wide x 56" Long

• QRR reduces or eliminates the need to cut panels and the cage during a driver extraction.
• Allows for quick identification of driver injury and full access to the driver through the removable roof panel. This allows the safety crew to administer care immediately inside the cockpit of the car.
• Simply releasing the three (3) body bolts from the roof panel and sliding the panel out the rear allows a driver in a dangerous situation to exit quickly. In cases of a fuel leak, fire, or any other unstable situations; your driver could exit through the open space made available by removing the roof panel.
• When a driver is experiencing leg, neck, or back pain, now there is a quick solution to assist with the extraction of the driver without destroying the race car. The QRR will allow crews to take extra precaution and avoid the possibility of further damage to a driver is distress who needs assistance getting out of the car.
• Cleaning, inspecting, and repairing components in the cockpit are made much easier with the roof panel removed.
• The product is delivered disassembled for shipping and installation easy.



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