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Out-Pace 5/8" Greaseable 1" Steel Assembly


The Out-Pace system works by greasing the rod end from the inside out. Grease is forced through an orifice that runs through the rod end and around the sperical ball. The grease then flushes any dirt or contaminants out of the rod end that may have worked its way inside the assembly. Thus the rod end has been flushed of any dirt, and new grease is in place for lubrication. There's no more need to remove the rod ends, clean with solvent, reassemble, lubricate and remount on the car.


-5/8" Rod Ends

-1" OD Welded Steel Round Tube

-5/8"-18 Threads

-.065" Wall


**Tube assemblies are sold with heims, go by actual tube length when buying assembly**


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Out-Pace 5/8" Greaseable 1" Steel Assembly
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