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Rochester 2BBL Carburetor


This 500 CFM 2GC Rochester carb has been modified for circle track racing.


• Comes with 74 Jets
• Does not need a regulator

• Booster venturi modified for increased air flow
• Idle, transition, main and high speed circuits modified to optimum fuel curve for your engine
• Jet threads re-tapped for Holley Jets
• Idle air bypass holes drilled in throttle plates for clean idle and crisp idle response
• All choke hardware removed and openings plugged
• All vacuum ports plugged

• Utilizes 5/16" carb stud

• IMCA Approved - Hobby Stocks

  • Does your Rochester carb. Have a brass float ?
    Yes, there is a Small area brass float to maximize float bowl capacity
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Rochester 2BBL Carburetor
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