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Willy's HP 604 4BBL Alcohol - Superbowl

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- Willy's 604 Superbowl Alcohol Carb features a Holley HP main body with a 1-11/16" base plate, stainless steel butterflies and teflon bushed throttle shafts.

- Superbowl system is designed to deliver consistent fuel to your carburetor at all times.

- Alcohol carburetor setups must run a belt drive fuel pump, no mechanical pumps.

- WCD4003 Fuel Cell vent recommended because with the belt drive pump there is more fuel flowing through the fuel system. The WCD4003 design has a high flow poppet ball which prevents pressure build up in the cell from pushing the ball, seating, and stopping it from doing its job.

- Gloss black coating that protects the carb from the effects of the fuel.

- Pressure lines also available which run from the pump to the carb.

- Each carburetor is dyno tested and tuned specifically for the GM 604 Crate motor.


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Willy's HP 604 4BBL Alcohol - Superbowl
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