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Wilwood Adjustable Dual Pedal - Forward Mount - 6.25:1


Wilwood’s Adjustable Forward Mount Pedal assembly combines the brake and clutch pedals together in one unit and positions the master cylinders outside the firewall. It features all aluminum frame and forged aluminum pedal arms with ladder style construction. Pedal pads are of special adjustable design that allows fine-tuning of the pedal location and clearance. Also included with the assembly: mounting studs, hardware, new clevis and pivot pin balance bar assembly to provide smooth and accurate settings of the brake pedal bias. The balance bar can be set and locked down with the jam nut, or attached to a remote cable for quick on-track adjustments. With a 6.25 to 1 pedal ratio on both clutch and brake pedals.

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Wilwood Adjustable Dual Pedal - Forward Mount - 6.25:1
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