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Kirkey 18˚ Layback Containment Seats - SFI 39.2




At Performance Bodies, we strive to offer the HIGHEST QUALITY BRANDS of products for our customers which goes especially true when SAFETY is at stake. When you’re at the racetrack your safety is the number one concern that is why Performance Bodies is proud to offer our customers a complete line of safety proven Kirkey Seats.


Kirkey’s 18-Degree Layback Containment Seat is designed specifically for short track cars: passes SFI 39.2 certification, accommodates all head and neck restraints, utilizes an adjustable padded head restraint and is designed for easy entry and exit. 


Other features include:

• Three (3) sizes available, (15", 16", 17"). 

• Kit comes with black cloth cover. 

• Constructed from TIG welded .100" 5052 grade aluminum. 

• Additional MIG welding adds strength. 

• Contoured elongated bottom for added thigh and hip support. 

• Rib and reinforced shoulder supports have extra 1/2" energy absorbing padding directly   

  on seat. 

• Unique shoulder support cover design allows extra 1" shoulder width adjustment. 

• Vertical and lateral adjustable head restraint uses progressive high density energy 

  absorbing impact padding. 

• Head restraint can also rotate down for additional peripheral vision. 

• Billet aluminum connector brackets for easy head adjustment. 

• Left side of head restraint angled and shortened to allow easy entry, exit. 

• Lap and sub belt openings have molded rubber grommets to eliminate belt wear. 

• Designed to accommodate all seat belt systems. 

• Easily removable cover has additional ½" energy absorbing padding for extra comfort and  

Performance Bodies warehouses several different styles of Kirkey Containment Seats as well as the Kirkey 38 and 58 Series Circle Track Seats.