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What's New

MD3 Street Stock Nose and Fenders


MD3 Street Stock Nose & Fenders 

Performance Bodies announces the availability of the long awaited new MD3 STREET STOCK NOSE & FENDERS.   

Product can now be purchased from Performance Bodies. This fresh NEW look is designed for stock-style race cars and will fit most aftermarket bodies. Constructed of high impact polypropylene to make them extremely durable and will hold up under the toughest racing conditions. 

The 3-Piece Combo Kit includes: 2-piece nose and deluxe headlight graphic kit. This COMPLETE kit retails for $179.00. Also available are specially designed fenders to fit the nosepiece. The fenders retail for $75.00 each. All of these MD3 products are available in white, black, red, and chevron blue. 

 “We’re excited about this new MD3 Street Stock Nose and Fenders,” said President of Performance Bodies Scott Braun. “This nosepiece and fenders have generated a lot of excitement in the racing industry and the drivers can’t wait to give it a try.”

The MD3 Street Stock product mix can be ordered individually as well:

MD3 Street Stock Nose (without graphics)

o   Includes 2-piece nose

o   Available in 4 colors (white, black, red, chevron blue)

o   Retails for $149.00