Bert 2nd Gen SG-1500 Ball Spline Transmission


• Ball spline option significantly reduces drive line bind, allowing the rear suspension to move faster and smoother

• Lowest weight gear box available

• First & reverse are totally disengaged from rotation when in high gear which eliminates wear on those parts

• Reduced rotating weight also creates more power to rear wheels

• Uses 20oz. of Bert Blue Magic transmission fluid

• Bert shifter not included (SG-1310)

• Weighs 41 lbs

• 19-1/2" collapsed - 23-3/4" fully extended


  • What is the length from bell housing flange to end of output shaft?
    If the output shaft is pushed all the way into the transmission the measurement from the bell housing flange to the centerline of the yoke is 19 ½”. If you completely extend the shaft, that same measurement is 24 ¼”.
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Bert 2nd Gen SG-1500 Ball Spline Transmission
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