Tech Tip #8: Rivets

Ever wonder why your rivets don’t hold or pull through? We will show you why and how to correct it!

Tech Tip #7: Grinding Tires

Prep and bring your tires back to life with our grinding and sanding discs!

Tech Tip #6: Measuring Stagger

Stagger is the difference in circumference between the right and left side tires and helps the car turn. For example the right side tire measuring 84” and the left side tire measuring 82” would give you 2 inches of positive stagger. Measuring this consistently each time is just another step to being prepared each time you hit the track.

Rugged Radios Products

Looking for reliable communication equipment for off-road adventures or motorsports events? Check out Rugged Radios! Their high-quality communication devices, blowers, and helmet accessories are designed to withstand harsh environments and provide clear communication. With customizable solutions, Rugged Radios is the go-to choice!

Tech Tip #5: Greasing
Tech Tip #4: Measuring

Precise & Consistent Measuring! We’ve got the tools to help you!

Tech Tip #3: Wash Your Car

Remember to keep you car clean.

Tire Grooving

Looking to improve your tire's performance on wet or muddy surfaces? Consider using a tire groover! These handy tools can cut grooves into your tire's tread, enhancing its traction and grip. Just be sure to use them responsibly and with caution, as tire grooving can impact the safety and performance of your tires.

MD3 Plastic Mod. Door & Quarter Panels

• Trim to fit, universal flat panel • High-impact plastic resists chipping, denting, and bending, to last longer than traditional aluminum quarter panels • Same weight per square foot as .040" aluminum • Available in white, black, chevron blue, red, and gray *IMCA approved for modifieds*

MD3 Plastic Body Straps

Just bend em' they kick back! MD3 Plastic Body Strap Kits are available to purchase individually, OR the MD3 36" Plastic Body Strap Kit comes in a 8 pack or the Premium MD3 49" Plastic Body Strap Kit comes in a 6 pack.

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