Racequip, Impact, Zamp Seat Belts

SHOP NOW (Racequip 5 Pt. Seat Belt Kit - V Type - Black):


SHOP NOW (RaceQuip 5 Pt. Seat Belt Kit - (Hans Style)): SHOP NOW (RaceQuip 5 Pt. Seat Belt Kits - (Wrap Around)):


SHOP NOW (RaceQuip Seat Belt Kits - (V-Style)):


SHOP NOW (Impact Seat Belt Kit - (Hans Style)):


SHOP NOW (Impact Seat Belt Kit - (Left Side Ratchet)):


SHOP NOW (Impact Seat Belts - Wrap Around):


SHOP NOW (Impact Seat Belts - (3" V-Style)):


SHOP NOW (Impact Sportsman Series Seat Belts):


SHOP NOW (Zamp 3"-2" 5-Point Latch & Link Seat Belt Kit):

Speed Secret Products

SHOP NOW (Speed Secrets Adjustable Shock Mount):


• Raised and adjustable front shock mount for all GM metric (G body) cars using OEM stock upper A-arm mounts in stock location

• Sold in pairs


SHOP NOW (Speed Secrets Caster/Camber Kit):

• Caster/camber kit for all metric cars using OEM stock upper A-arm mounts in stock location

• This kit presets your caster and camber and eliminates the bind in the cross shaft of the upper A-arm achieved through angle cut spacers

• Frame mounts and OEM control arms will need to be drilled to 1/2" holes if not done so already


SHOP NOW (Speed Secrets Lightweight Lug Nut Kit):


• Saves 1/2 lb of rotating weight per set

• Sold in a set of 20


SHOP NOW (Speed Secrets Throttle Control Bar):


• Designed to help you control your throttle

• Mini spring bar that connects to your gas pedal and either a 1/4"- 28 or 3/8"-24 male threaded throttle linkage

• Helps you control wheel spin, shocking the tires, gain and hold traction longer while helping with pedal control on a rough surfaces

• IMCA legal

Maxima Cleaners & Detailers

SHOP NOW (Maxima SC1 High Gloss Coating):


• Water resistant formula is safe on gloss and matte finishes

• Protects and enhances surfaces such as plastic, vinyl, and carbon fiber • Helps with clean up by forming a durable coating

• Repels mud, dirt, and debris


SHOP NOW (Maxima Speed Wax Detailer):

• Designed to maximize shine

• Leaves a residue-free shine

• Polishes as well as protects


SHOP NOW (Maxima Matte Finish Cleaner):

• Cleans and protects matte finishes

• Adds no gloss or shine

• Removes dirt, dust, road grime, fingerprints and more

• Contains no VOC's, harmful acids, CFC's or solvents, non-flammable, 100% biodegradable


SHOP NOW (Maxima Heavy-Duty Degreaser):


• Heavy-Duty non-flammable degreaser

• Designed to remove lube, grease, dirt and mud

• Great all purpose wash when diluted 10:1 with water


SHOP NOW (Maxima All-Purpose Bio Wash Cleaner):

• Fast acting cleaning agents lift dirt while scrubbing grime

• Tough on dirt

• Great for use on paint, plastic, chrome, anodizing, rubber, and carbon fiber

• Protects aluminum, magnesium, and alloy

Maxima Coolant, Grease, Brake Fluid

SHOP NOW (Maxima High-Temp Waterproof Grease):


• Designed for light duty chassis applications as well as wheel bearings

• Remains stable in extreme temperatures

• Protects against wear, water washout, corrosion, and rust


SHOP NOW (Maxima 600 Plus Dot Racing Brake Fluid):

• Synthetic, zero-fade racing brake fluid designed to ensure maximum stopping power and protection for critical brake system components under the most extreme racing conditions

• Maxima's extensively developed formulation maintains unparalleled responsiveness and performance by preventing water contamination and vaporization in any environment


SHOP NOW (Maxima Engine Coolant Formula):


• Helps reduce and maintain lower operating temperatures

• Protects against foaming, rusting, and corrosion

• Designed for use in steel, aluminum, and magnesium engines


SHOP NOW (Maxima Cool-Aide Engine Coolant Additive:


• Cycles heat and is long lasting

• Prevents corrosion

• Reduces engine temperatures

• Designed for race use


SHOP NOW (Maxima Air Filter Maintenance Combo Kit):


2-Pack Air Filter Care Kit Includes: FAB-1 Spray on Air Filter Oil


• High performance synthetic filter oil

• Holds on to dust and dirt keeping them out of intake0

• Keeps water and other contaminants from passing through the filter


Air Filter Cleaner


• Designed to remove grease, dirt and filter oils from all air filters

• Contains no harmful caustic chemicals

• WILL NOT damage foam, paper or glue and easily washes with water

Maxima Engine Oils

SHOP NOW (Maxima RS Full Synthetic Engine OIl:


• Great for use in all crate engines

• Triple ester formula for ultimate protection of critical engine components

• Compatible with all race fuels


SHOP NOW (Maxima Break-In Engine Oil):


• Mineral based engine oil specifically formulated for breaking in engines

• Low-temperature activating zinc system that ensures immediate and lasting protection

• Ensures fast and effective ring seals

• Ideal for use in race engines and crate motors

• Available in 10W-30 & 15W-50 (quart or gallon bottle)


SHOP NOW (Maxima Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil):


• Ester based semi-synthetic

• Ultra-high zinc formula

• Ultimate protection of critical engine components


SHOP NOW (Maxima Performance Engine Oil):


 • Mineral-based automotive engine oil designed to ensure optimum protection and peak performance for race and hot rod engines

• High zinc/phosphorous formula engineered for use in flat tappet and roller element engines

• Utilizes a 2X zinc system to ensure wear protection at any temperature


SHOP NOW (Maxima HD Diesel Engine Oil):


• Mineral-based 4-stroke diesel engine oil designed to deliver optimum performance in both modern and older heavy-duty and light-duty diesel applications

• Finest quality mineral base stocks combine with an advanced additive system to protect and extend equipment life by minimizing soot, oxidation and wear

• Exceeds the requirements of API CJ-4, ACEA E9-12 and most OEMs

• Ideal for use in Duramax, Cummins and Power Stroke engines


SHOP NOW (Maxima Pro Gear Full Synthetic Gear Oil):

• Designed to ensure maximum protection and performance

• Anti-wear and rust to keep surfaces free of deposits and corrosion

• Recommended for all high performance rearends

MD3 Plastic Nose Brace Kit Demonstration

Joel provides information to help put together the MD3 Plastic Nose Brace kit.



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This video displays DRP Ultra Low Drag seals performance vs. Standard seals. There Teflon seals provide the hub with a true seal while reducing drag.

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MD3 Dirt Modified Plastic Nose Kit

A NEW, IN-STOCK product in 2024.

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