DirtcarLift X Series Lift Kit


• CNC machined structure weighing just 64 lbs. with a 4,000 lb. lifting capacity

• Dual action, 12V 2300 PSI hydraulic pump with quick disconnect couplers and cylinders that work with power up/power down hydraulics

• Complete with bolt kit & reinforcement supports

• 20" tall in rear and 18" tall in front with riser package to compensate for raised RF rail cars with self centering right side riser, 41" total side to side width

• Available (X Bar) colors: Red, Blue, Gloss Black, Safety Orange, and Kawasaki Green

• Not compatible with wide frame metric cars, wide lifts are special order only (see image dimensions)

• Battery and fluid NOT INCLUDED, fluid available for additional charge

• Kryptonite, Trackstar and CVR cars (MUST BE SPECIAL ORDERED)


**You must use a minimum 12 Volt/350 CCA battery, the pump reservoir will hold 3-4 quarts of fluid and you must use an AW-32 hydraulic oil

to operate your lift**



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DirtcarLift X Series Lift Kit
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