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DRP 5x5 Steel GN Pre Load Spacers


The DRP patented Hub Bearing Spacers allow for consistent and precise bearing load every time the spindle nut is tightened, regardless of the torque applied. Without a bearing spacer, bearings are typically over tightened to prevent loosening during the race. With a bearing spacer installed, you can completely tighten the spindle nut and the hub will spin free every time. You can feel the difference by simply pushing the car!


- Reduces Bearing Friction

- Increase Wheel Spin

- Lowers Bearing Temperature

- Reduces Hub Maintenance

- Steel ONLY



2" - DRP 00710505 - Howe/Port City/Joe's/Speedway Engineering

2-1/2" - DRP 00710518 - AFCO/Winters/Coleman

2-7/8" - DRP 00710513 - DMI/Bulldog, Winters

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DRP 5x5 Steel GN Pre Load Spacers
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