Gorsuch Performance Solutions 17" 3-Blade Fan


• 17" Max Air Fan

• 3-Blade, 1-piece design

• 5/8" Center Bore

• Fan runs best between 5000-6000 RPM


Note: This fan is recommended to run with a fan shroud, fan should mount as far into the shroud as far as possible. Mounting the fan further into the shroud improves cooling, save horsepower, and protect the fan from rocks and debris. If you run at a higher RPM, Gorsuch suggests running a reduction on your pulleys to reduce the tip speed of your fan for better cooling.


Example: If you run the engine to 8000 rpm and you have a 20% reduction in the pullies, the fan is traveling at 6400 rpm, but the tip of the fan blades are traveling over 300 mph


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Gorsuch Performance Solutions
Gorsuch Performance Solutions 17" 3-Blade Fan
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