Joe Gibbs Driven Performance XP Series Oil


XP 3 - Synthetic

• Offers outstanding high temperature and high shear protection

Ideal for crate, spec and custom built engines with clearances under .0027"

• Viscosity typical of a SAE 10W-30

Recommended for use with 604 Crate


XP 4 - Non-Synthetic

• High zinc, petroleum formula racing oil, XP4 offers low cost protection for racers who want to use non-synthetic oil

• Excellent protection for dirt and nitrous racers who need to change their oil frequently

• Ideal for big blocks, flat tappet camshafts, nitrous, and alcohol fueled drag engines

• Viscosity typical of 15W-50


XP 5 - Semi-Synthetic

• Provides excellent high temperature shear and oxidation stability compared to mineral oils without the higher cost of a full synthetic

• Viscosity Grade: 20W-50

• Ideal for loose clearance engines and older dry sump pumps


XP 7 - Semi-Synthetic

• XP7 is based on our proven XP5 racing oil

• Ideal for desert and off-road engines, IMCA modified engines, spec engines, flat tappet camshafts and hydraulic lifter engines

• Designed for clearances under .0030"

• Viscosity typical of 10W-40


XP 9 - Sythetic

• Reduces wear and lowers temps compared to conventional 20W-50 racing oils

• Provides increased high temperature and high shear protection for wet sump and high compression application

• Compatible with methanol and high octane race fuels

• Ideal for high output steel block engines

• Viscosity typical of SAE 10W-40


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Joe Gibbs Driven Performance XP Series Oil
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