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Jones Power Steering Pump with Built-In Reservoir & 6" V-Belt Pulley


Jones Aluminum Power Steering pump with Aluminum tank and 6” V-belt Pulley


- CNC machined housing provides accurate tolerances for the race proven internals along with enhanced flow characteristics.

- 18 oz. Aluminum Tank with HD billet tank-to-pump mounting ears & vented billet cap.

- #6 Inlet and Outlet with the option of a straight, 45° or 90° fitting for the return side of the reservoir on either the side of the tank or bottom.

- Integrated reservoir insures the pump will not starve for fluid regardless of track conditions, plus the benefit of easier installation without the hassle of remote reservoir lines.

- Internal tank baffling will keep fluid calm and airless even at high RPM’s.

- Billet aluminum Deep Grip V-Belt pulley that utilizes a proven black hardcoat finish to help with wear resistance maximizing performance.

- The Deep Grip V-Belt Pulley design  allows Jones pulleys to properly seat the belt even at high race RPM’s maximizing belt contact for traction, reducing the risk of belt unseating.

- Each pump undergoes complete testing on Jones custom dyno to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.


- Sweet Block Mount Bracket will work with the Jones power steering pump.

  (SWE 32530034)


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Jones Power Steering Pump with Built-In Reservoir & 6" V-Belt Pulley
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