Jones SBC Radius Tooth WP & TP Pulley Kit (6000-7000 RPM)


• Billet aluminum radius tooth pulleys with black hardcoat finish to help with wear resistance maximizing performance at high race RPM’s maximizing belt contact for traction, reducing the risk of belt unseating

• Most efficient pulley system with virtually no belt tension, offers the least amount of wear and least frictional resistance

**Requires the use of the Jones fan or a lighter equivalent**

• Complete with radius tooth tandem pump drive mandrel kit works with Sweet or KSE tandem pumps

• All mounting hardware included

• Spare radius tooth extreme duty belt included (JRP640-20XHD)

• Use with crate engine or small block Chevy equivalent

**Tandem pump belt NOT INCLUDED**


Tandem Pump Belt:

Sweet Pump - JRP800-20HD

KSE Pump - JRP840-20HD


**Jones suggests using this kit for a maximum RPM range of 6000-7000 RPM**


**If your maximum RPM doesn't fall within the suggested range, please give us a call and we will help you choose the kit that best fits your application**





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Jones SBC Radius Tooth WP & TP Pulley Kit (6000-7000 RPM)
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