Kevko Evac System


• This system uses your exhaust to pull a vacuum through air/oil separator tank

• Reduces crank case pressure

• The result is less windage in the crankcase

• No messy breathers, and increased horsepower!

• Crate valve cover's use a 1- 3/8" tube

Kits Include:

 K9039 - Slip-On for Breather Tubes

 K9040 - #12 AN for Breather Tubes

 K139-1 - Check Valve

 K139-2 - Weld-In Pipe Fitting for Header

 6' - #12 Hose and Clamp

 (2) #12AN Straight Hose Fittings

 (1) #12AN 90° Fitting

 K139 - Evac Tank


KEVK139-112 - Kevko Evac Open System - (1-1/2” Valve Cover Breather)

KEVK139-138 - Kevko Evac Crate System - (1-3/8” Valve Cover Breather)




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