KRC Pro Series R-LOK Serpentine Pulley Kits


• Single main 6-groove with 3-groove front accessory drive black anodized to 62 rockwell hardness

• 2-piece inter-locking R-LOK modular system design allows you to change drive pulley diameter quicker at the track

• Crank adapter fits all the pulleys so it reduces cost of replacing damaged pulleys

• Pulleys are stackable and will adapt to pin drive Gilmer and HTD pulleys


1:1 Setup (4" water pump pulley, 4" crank pulley)

15% Reduction (4" water pump pulley, 3.5" crank pulley)

25% Reduction (4" water pump pulley, 3" crank pulley)

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KRC Pro Series R-LOK Serpentine Pulley Kits
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