MSD 6CT Digital Ignition Box w/ Dial Rev Limiter


• Large, easy to read LED display
• Simple setup of features such as the rev limiter with three rotary dials on the face of the unit
• Built-in Start Retard adjustable in 0°, 10° or 20° increments for quick and easy starts
• LED displays rev limit, highest RPM, start retard, battery volts and can be set to tach mode
• Full delivery of spark energy down to 6 volts battery supply
• Highly efficient, low current draw for extended battery life
• Fully potted housing to stand up to demanding race conditions
• Single plug-in connector for clean wiring
• Tamper proof screws to prevent modification of unit
• Records highest RPM the engine turned for last 20 minutes of run time
• Works on 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines
• Reverse polarity and overheat protection provide ultimate reliability

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MSD 6CT Digital Ignition Box w/ Dial Rev Limiter
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