MSD Street Fire HEI Distributor


• Advance assembly with coated weights and welded weight pins (not just pressed in like other models)

• Fitted with the same gear that is used on our Pro-Billet models.

• The ignition module and coil work together to produce a stout spark to light the fuel mixture for great performance

• The high voltage is transferred through a new rotor to the brass terminals of the distributor cap and out to the plugs

• Red Distributor Cap w/Brass Terminals

• Adjustable Centrifugal Mechanical Advance (Kit sold separately PN 8428)

• Supplied with internal coil and dependable 4-Pin Module

• Vacuum Advance for fuel economy

• Supplied Vacuum Advance Stop Plate to limit amount of vacuum advance

• Heavy Duty distributor gear for durability

• RPM range 5500-6500 RPM


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MSD Street Fire HEI Distributor
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