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PRO/CAM Fuel Pumps


- The New Pro-Cam SBC Mechanical Fuel Pumps are constructed from billet aluminum for added strength and reliability.

- 1/2" NPT Inlet and Outlet fittings

- Complete with gasket


Normal Operation Pressures:

7.5 PSI Pump - 6-9 PSI

11 PSI Pump - 9-12 PSI

15 PSI Pump - 12-16 PSI


Reclocking: To reclock, completely seperate the pump into two parts by removing the bolts around the perimeter of the pump. Then rotate the pump body to desired location and reassemble. Do not twist or move the diaphragm or pump will not operate properly.


Installation: To insure long life and leak proof service, tighten all exterior bolts & screws to 16-18 inch lbs with loctite before installation. Overtightening of bolts will damage diaphragm & cause leaking.

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PRO/CAM Fuel Pumps
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