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PRP Oversized Air Filters


The Super Seal Air Filters are the last air filter you will ever  need to buy. Built from the latest in air filter tecnology to provide maximum airflow to your engine, all the while sifting through the dirt in the air for a clean, crisp breath of fresh air for your engine. A reuseable air filter element, simply blow compressed air from inside out for a quick clean or scrub it down with any basic cleaner and water combo. No more messy cleaners, degreasers, and oiling of you air filters.


- A full 15" O.D. for more air flow but fits your standard 14" base and top

- Available in 3, 4, 5 inch heights

- Durable construction

- Increase air flow without sacrificing protection

- Expanded metal for strength

- Dry media no need for messy oils

- Use up to 60 psi of compressed air to clean or use soap and water

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PRP Oversized Air Filters
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