PRP Remote Bleeder Kit for Howe Throwout Bearing


• Remote bleeder kit allows you to remotely bleed hydraulic throwout bearing from outside the bellhousing

• Master cylinder clutch line to remote line assembly on bellhousing sold seperately, must determine your length for your application

• Master cylinder fitting sold seperately


PRP82875 Howe Kit Includes:

 1- PRP3374 1/8" MPT fitting with bleeder

 1- PRP464 adapter fitting for the remote line to bleeder fitting

 2- TCP04121 21" AN4 remote clutch and bleeder lines

 1- PRP454 4AN male union fitting to adapt remote clutch line to clutch line from master cylinder


**NOTE: You will need to determine your clutch line length from the master cylinder to the remote clutch line outside of the bellhousing and order that clutch line seperately**


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PRP Remote Bleeder Kit for Howe Throwout Bearing
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