QuarterMaster Ultra-Duty Reverse Mount Starter


• Designed for radical street & race engine applications

• Massive 1.4kW of cranking power easily starts high compression engines

• Heavy-duty solenoid & bearing assembly to endure harsh operating conditions

• Adapter mounts locate pinion gear for accurate fitment

• Every hand-assembled Ultra-Duty™ starter is fully dynoed & performance certified

• Standard rotation

• QTR114170 Fits clutchless trans w/ 65-tooth flywheel (Bert/Brinn Replacement)

• QTR114267B Fits clutchless trans and 91-Tooth Flywheel (QMI Bellhousing)



QTR114170 - Bert/Brinn Bellhousing

QTR114267B - QuarterMaster Belhousing


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QuarterMaster Ultra-Duty Reverse Mount Starter
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