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Racing Optics Perimeter Seal Tearoffs


Racing Optics Perimeter Seal Tearoffs


- Perimeter Seal Tearoffs have an adhesive band that seals up against your visor

- The seal completely eliminates dirt, dust, wind, water and scratching of visor

- See clearly for entire race no matter what conditions are.

- The ability to run an expensive shield all year long

- Perimeter Seal Tearoffs uses same 10 layers XStack.

- You can install multiple Stacks to create a 30 layer sealed stack

- Packaged with 3 sets of 10 layers or 30 tearoffs per sleeve.


Part #



Helmet Style

ROC 10204CP

11 ½”

Nose Notch w/Perimeter Seal

Simpson RX, Super Bandit, Diamondback, Raider

ROC 10205CP

12 3/8”

Banana w/ Perimeter Seal

ALL BELL (Except X-15), G-Force, Pyrotect (276, 281, 288 Shields) and Racequip

ROC 10206CP

11 ½”

Banana w Perimeter Seal

Bell GTX.3, GP.3, GT.5

ROC 10208CP

11 ½”

Nose Notch w/ Perimeter Seal

Bell Star GP, Star Infusion, GTX2, GP2, Dominator.2, K-1 Pro (287 Shield), Zamp

ROC 10209CP

12 ¾”

Banana w/ Perimeter Seal

Simpson Shark, Voyager 2, Vudo, Invader, Valor, Stingray, Impact 1320, Air Draft, Super Sport, Wizard, Eurosport

ROC 10230CP

11 7/8”

Banana w/

Perimeter Seal

Impact Vapor, Air Vapor, Charger, Super Charger, Draft


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Racing Optics Perimeter Seal Tearoffs
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