Racing Optics Perimeter Seal Tearoffs


• Perimeter Seal tearoffs have an adhesive band that seals up against your visor which completely eliminates dirt, dust, wind, water and scratching of visor

• Perimeter Seal tearoffs use the same 10 layer stack as the XStack style

• You can install multiple stacks to create a 30 layer sealed stack

• Packaged with 3 sets of 10 layers or 30 tearoffs per sleeve


Part #



Helmet Style

ROC 10204CP


Nose Notch w/Perimeter Seal

• Simpson: RX, Super Bandit, Diamondback, Raider



ROC 10205CP



12 3/8”



Banana w/ Perimeter Seal

• Bell: Vortex, GTX, BR.1, M.4, K.1, Sport, 276, 281, 288 Shield

• Pyrotect

• G-Force: Nova

• RaceQuip: Pro15

• Champion



ROC 10206CP




Banana w Perimeter Seal

• Bell: Dominator.3, GTX.3, GP.3, GT.5 Touring, HP.3, HP5 Touring, B2 Apex, B2 Vision, SE03 Shield, SE05 Shield



ROC 10208CP






Nose Notch w/ Perimeter Seal

• Bell: BR8, Dominator.2, GTX.2, GP.2, GP.2 Youth, M.8, 287 Shield, Star GP, Star Infusion

• Zamp: FS-2, Z-15 Shield, Z-20 Shield, Z-70, FS1.2 RZ


• G-Force: Revo, Rift, Rookie




ROC 10209CP








Banana w/ Perimeter Seal

• Simpson: Shark, Auto Enforcer Shark, VUDO, Invader, Valor, Stingray, Devil Ray, K-10, Voyager Evolution, Voyager 2, EV1

• Impact: Offset Evo, Air Draft, Super Sport, Spider, Wizard, EuroSport, 1320

ROC 10230CP


Banana w/

Perimeter Seal

• Impact: Vapor, Air Vapor, Charger, Super Charger, Draft


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