Tire Demon Single Head Sipers


Straight Cross Sipers

• 1/4" or 3/16" sipe spacing designed heads

• 1/4" spacing recommended for more abrasive tracks while 3/16" spacing gives the tire more sipes for tracks that are not as hard on tires

• 1/4" replacement blades (T1000-CB1-23)

• 3/16" replacement blades (T1000-CB1-29)


Multi-Depth Siper

• Head blades designed to do one cut at a depth of .200" and the other cut at a depth of .140" every other cut

• Will help save the tire from chunking out on abrasive racetracks

• Replacement blades (T1000-CB1-23)


Angled Cross Sipers

• Angled left or right designed head for desired sipe angle

• Replacement blades (T1000-CB2-23)


Circumference Siper

• Circumference siper kit complete with 6- blades, 2- 5/8" spacers, 10- 3/16" spacers, 10- 1/8" spacers and hardware to build desired circumference siper head

• Replacement blades (T1000-CB3 - 3 pack)



Needler Mount

• Designed to slide over heim style tool mount

• Tool mount with handle attached to apply the desired force when prepping

• Replacement head (T1000-N)


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Tire Demon Single Head Sipers
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