Wehrs 5" Coil Over Kits


• Wehrs Coilover Kits are designed to capture the spring by the outside diameter to keep the spring linear through travel and have the option to use a 5" Torrington bearing on the spring

• 5" coil over kit is a lightweight aluminum and plastic design

• Kit comes with jam nut to ensure that the adjuster nut doesn't spin


WM308B - Bilstein Shocks 

WM308I - Integra Shocks

WM308A - AFCO/CSI Shocks

WM308QTT - QA1 Twin Tube Shocks (51 Series Shocks)
WM308QMT - QA1 Mono Tube shocks (26 Series Shocks)



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Wehrs 5" Coil Over Kits
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