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Willy's Crate Motor Carburetors


604 Crate Carb

- Willy's 604 Alcohol Carb features a Holley HP main body.

- 1-11/16" base plate w/stainless steel butterflies

- Teflon bushed throttle shafts

- Externally adjustable metering blocks that allow quick jet changes.

- Gloss black coating that protects the carb from the effects of the fuel.

- Each carburetor is dyno tested and tuned specifically for the GM 604 Crate motor’s high vacuum camshaft profile.


602 Crate Carb

- Willy's 602 Gas Carb features a Holley HP main body.

- 750 Holley Base Plate w/Holley HP metering blocks.

- Specifically calibrated for the 602’s high vacuum camshaft profile insuring clean idle and instant throttle response while it provides maximum power and drivability.

- Dyno tested and tuned for GM 602 Crate motor.


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