Wilwood Elecrtic Brake Shut-Off


• Wilwood's purpose-built and designed shut-off valve uses much less power and runs much cooler than line lock valves

• The valve does not prevent fluid from returning to the master cylinder, this eliminates the possibility of trapping pressure when activating the valve (will not drag brakes)

• This is NOT a line lock assembly, line locks are not designed to be kept in the ON position continuously and can overheat and fail if used as a shut-off, line locks can also trap pressure in the brake system and cause the brakes to drag

• Requires a 12 volt, 5 amp (recommended) fused power source through a toggle switch

• Note: Both wires coming out of brake shut off are black; 1 connect to postive 12v battery and 1 to ground. Does not matter which wire to positive or ground.

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Wilwood Elecrtic Brake Shut-Off
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