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Wilwood Replacement Pedal Parts


WIL3101528 - Pedal Clevis Snap Ring (2 Req)

WIL2400235 - Pedal Clevis Washer (2 Req)

WIL3101218 - Pedal External Snap Ring

WIL3301217 - Pedal Pivot Pin

WIL33013192 - Pedal Replacement Clevis

WIL3301529 - Pedal Replacement Clevis Pin

WIL2401347 - Pedal Shim Washer

WIL33013830 - Pedal Trubar 3/8" Heim

WIL33014505 - Adjustable Pad And Screws

WIL4001224 - Non Slip Sticker For Pedal

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Wilwood Replacement Pedal Parts
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