Wilwood Starlite 55 - Standard Front Hubs (Drilled Studs)


• Starlite "55" Snap-Cap front hubs have had the flange bolt bosses removed, and the hub is machined to accept a fiber reinforced composite Snap-Cap hub cap

• Provide the superior strength of permanent mold, high-density aircraft aluminum at weights comparable to the much higher priced magnesium hub assemblies

• Have the strength of our traditional Starlite hub, but redesigned to eliminate unnecessary weight in the hub and its related components

• 5 bolt Drive flanges and snap-cap front hubs pare the 'loaded' weight of these hubs to being the lightest available

• Snap-cap included with hub

• Available in black E-coat or bare silver finish

• Complete with drilled, coarse thread wheel studs

Threaded for 5/16-18 rotor bolts


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Wilwood Starlite 55 - Standard Front Hubs (Drilled Studs)
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