Wilwood Tru-Bar Pedal Kits with High Volume Master Cylinders


• Dual pedal features 10" or 12" Clutch pedal

• 10" (5.1:1 Ratio) and 12" Brake pedal (6.25:1 Ratio)
• Utilizes a fixed trunnion bearing in the pedal arm, with spherical rod-ends at the pushrod connections
• Uses the same chassis and master cylinder mounting as all Wilwood balance bar style pedal assemblies
• Offers a stronger, larger 7/16-20 diameter bar which provides quick adjustment
• Has a shouldered 3/8" diameter end to attach standard remote adjuster cable assemblies
• Easy mounting location
• High strength steel master cylinder mounting studs
• Lightweight construction

• Fully anodized finish

• Tru-Bar reverse mount dual pedal assembly includes 3 master cylinders 3/4", 7/8", & 1"

(If you would like different sizes of master cylinders please specify the bore size in the comment box during the check-out process)




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Wilwood Tru-Bar Pedal Kits with High Volume Master Cylinders
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