Zamp RZ-65D Helmets


• Large weave carbon mix shell for super lightweight shell

• Dual chin curtains mounted on both top and bottom of chin bar

• Aerodynamics optimized for improved stability using large front lower spoiler

• Top Air System- Allows you to run natural air, forced air, or air plugs

• Plush fire retardant removable/washable ultra-soft cheek pads and crown liner with EPS chin bar foam

Z-20 Series 3mm clear shield with tearoff posts which use banana style tearoffs (ROC10208C or ULT01223)

• Hydration hole/plug front and center in chin bar with easy set up, remove plug to install accessory hydration kit

• Ear cups and ear pads to give driver quieter environment to hear what you need to hear

• Easy integration of communication equipment with cheek EPS and comfort liner

• Snell SA2020

• Available in either gloss or matte carbon

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Zamp RZ-65D Helmets
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