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AFCO 74 Series Steel Non-Adjustable Shocks


AFCO 74 Series Shocks feature a (1/2") Shaft Steel Mont-tube Shock is targeted at the open wheel modified racing market. This shock promotes better feel and improved grip. The 1/2" shaft displaces less oil when compressed, giving the shock an added advantage of less rod pressure gain, thus improving driver feel.

• 36% reduction in rod force and pressure gain over 5/8" shaft shocks.
• Robust sealing system designed to withstand high temperatures and heavy debris.
• Owner rebuildable, serviceable, and revolvable.
• Grooved for coilover hardware.
• Ideal for fast or rough tracks.
• IMCA legal
• Non-Schrader valve


Uses coil-over kits: AFC 20125A7R - (2 5/8” Spring)

                                     AFC 20125A7KR - (5” Spring)


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AFCO 74 Series Steel Non-Adjustable Shocks
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