Driven Carb Defender Ethanol Fuel Additive


• Driven Carb Defender Fuel Additive is specifically formulated to protect against Eth-anol corrosion and induction deposits

Special corrosion inhibitors work to prevent expensive repairs and diminished performance caused by Ethanol-blended pump gasoline and the moisture it attracts

• These additives control combustion chamber residue, plus they clean and protect surfaces of the fuel system and intake tract

• One of Carb Defender’s most important functions is that of a fuel stabilizer that ex-tends fuel storage life

• The additives treat up to 25 gallons of Ethanol-blended gas. Carb Defender should be used with each and every fill-up for a 54% improvement in cleanliness and sustained benefits for 3,000 miles.



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Driven Carb Defender Ethanol Fuel Additive
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