Jones SBC Serpentine WP & TP Pulley Kit (6000-7000 RPM)


• Billet aluminum pulleys with black hardcoat finish to help with wear resistance maximizing performance at high race RPM’s maximizing belt contact for traction, reducing the risk of belt unseating

• 4.5" upper water pump pulley and 4.25" lower crank pulley

• Complete with radius tooth tandem pump drive mandrel kit works with Sweet or KSE tandem pumps

• All mounting hardware included

• Spare serpentine belt included (JRP6PK-695HD)

• Use with crate engine or small block Chevy equivalent

***Tandem pump belt NOT INCLUDED***


Tandem Pump Belt:

Sweet Pump - JRP800-20HD

KSE Pump - JRP840-20HD


**Jones suggests using this kit for a maximum RPM range of 6000-7000 RPM**


**If your maximum RPM doesn't fall within the suggested range, please give us a call and we will help you choose the kit that best fits your application**



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Jones SBC Serpentine WP & TP Pulley Kit (6000-7000 RPM)
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