Tire Demon Tire Shaver


• Designed to shave off the factory glaze of a new tire and also works for squaring up tread blocks on a used tire to give you the best possible tire contact patch on the racing surface

• Tires MUST be clean when shaving to avoid wear on the blades

• Always start with the depth adjustment adjusted all the way out and re-adjust to the depth of the current tire tread depth that you are shaving

• Once the correct depth is set on the tool, with the roller design of this shaver there is very little to no pressure needed on the tool while shaving the tire

• Make sure you always spin the tire in the direction away from you and NOT against you

• The tire shaver does not replace tire grinding, tires will still need to be ground after shaving to open the tire up for the next heat cycle


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Tire Demon
Tire Demon Tire Shaver
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