Zamp RZ-70E Switch Helmets


• Composite aramid mix lightweight shell

• Z-Design in shell circulates air throughout the shell utilizing large internal channels

• Channels in chin bar EPS allow for easy mounting of communications/microphone, drink tube

• Ear cups are included in the helmet and ear pads included on the chin strap, to allow driver to hear what they need to hear

• Z-20 series 3mm clear sheild with tearoff posts which use 12-1/4" banana style tearoffs (ROC10208C or ULT01223)

• M6 inserts for head & neck restraint

• Triangle caps: aero cap or communication cap; aero cap for open wheel; comm cap for easy communication install or hydration; Fits left or right, easy to reconfigure

• Zamps unique system allows you to easily configure your helmet for a variety of racer setups by removing a cheek pad and three screws

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Zamp RZ-70E Switch Helmets
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