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Driven Carb Defender


Corrosion Kills Expensive Race Carburetors. Designed for carbureted race engines that use Methanol, E85 or Oxygenated race fuel, Driven’s Carb Defender™ Race Concentrate prevents corrosion and deposits in the fuel system and intake tract.. Special corrosion inhibitors work to prevent damage and diminished performance caused by fuels containing Methanol and Ethanol, as well as the moisture these fuels attract. This powerful new additive controls combustion chamber residue, plus cleans and protects surfaces of the fuel system and intake tract. Carb Defender Race Concentrate also contains a multi-functional lubricant so "top lubes" are not required. Just one bottle of additive treats up to 55 gallons of fuel, and the bottle features a handy view strip to let users measure out doses for as little as five gallons of gas. Driven Racing Oil™ Carb Defender Race Concentrate works with Methanol, E85 and race fuels, and it is compatible with spec fuel and water tests.


• Cleans & Prevents Fuel Corrosion

• For Methanol, E85 & Race Fuels

• Passes Spec Fuel & Water Tests

• 1 Bottle Treats 55 Gallons

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Driven Carb Defender
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