Jerico 0021 Dirt 2-Speed Slip Yoke Transmission


• Billet aluminum main case and tail housing

• 100% American made parts

• REM finished internal components

• Internal components heat treated to Jerico specifications for strength & durability

• Internal carbon fiber clutches

• Custom designed 1-Piece, 10-Spline input shaft with removable dog

• Billet 2-Piece CNC machined clutch drum

• 2-Lever shifting system

• Will accept a 10" slip yoke

• Weighs 41 lbs and is 17-3/4" from bellhousing flange to the end of the tailhousing


**ONLY use Jerico recommended specialty formulated oil, Maxima V-Twin Synthetic Primary oil (MAX40-05901) or Schaeffer's XP Extreme Performance V-Twin Lube Primary Synthetic Plus oil**


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Jerico 0021 Dirt 2-Speed Slip Yoke Transmission
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